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Partner Marketing

SMARTRAC has highly skilled marketing, communications and segment development experts that can work with key partners to assess new markets and opportunities, create awareness and demand, and help to win new business.  The objective of partner marketing is to develop an integrated joint marketing approach where both parties can bring their specific strength to the table to maximize the overall probability to win and create the right framework to foster replicable wins. Depending on the size, profitability and strategic value of new markets and opportunities to be addressed SMARTRAC can engage in the following types of joint marketing activities:


Marketing Consulting

What’s the best marketing strategy and tactics to win? What are the key customer issues and what would be a compelling value proposition? What are the right channels in the marketing mix to maximize the impact with the target group? Those key issues and more will be discussed to develop a brief but compelling joint marketing plan.


Market Sizing and Opportunity Assessment

What is the estimated size of a new market or opportunity? What is the growth potential? What could be new values that could be created for end users? Based on market research, macro and micro economic data and our global insights we can help to size the overall opportunity.


Value Proposition and Business Case Development

Understanding key customer issues and how they impact the end user business case is essential in the process of creating a customer centric solution and significant value in the overall eco system.


Solution and Sales Presentations

Based on SMARTRAC global community of subject matter experts and sharing of best practices we can help to create winning solution and sales presentations as well as supporting collateral.


Demand Generation Programs and Campaigns

Fostering demand for new technologies and solutions is important on the way to standardized mass deployment of RFID across specific industry segments. Addressing key stakeholders along a value chain or engaging key industry segment opinion leaders can help to create the necessary momentum.


Press Releases and Media Briefings

Communicating new joint solutions, wins or strategic alliances to the media can play an important role in the process of creating though leadership. The SMARTRAC communication team can work with partners on joint press releases and journalist briefings.


Exhibitions and Trade Shows

SMARTRAC attends a large number of industry events and trade shows across a number of industry segments. Different options through the SMARTRAC events team are available: A partner presence at a SMARTRAC booth, a joined presence with a partner or SMARTRAC having a presence on a partner booth.


Online and Social Media Marketing

The SMARTRAC online and social media marketing function can provide to partners a digital platform to promote content across key online channels and social media. For example the SMARTRAC customer newsletter is being published on a global basis and can help partners to make their expertise well known across the globe or across different industry segments. Or the SMARTRAC corporate website can be leveraged to promote a joint success story to a global audience.

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