Personalized packaging

Amplify your premium product experience with NFC tags.


The global luxury packaging market is expected to hit $17.6 billion by 2019[1], as premium brands explore tactics to elevate the consumer experience. It’s an important step in a smart direction – the most premium products aren’t just about the products themselves, they’re about the experiences they create for customers.


But while personalized printing is one popular strategy, there’s an even smarter way to use personalization to create great experiences.


Personalize your packaging with NFC tags.

By embedding NFC tags in your packaging, you can give your customers the ability to record and send video messages to their friends and family when they gift them one of your products.


The recipient just taps on the packaging and they get a completely personalized digital experience, crafted by the person who sent it to them.


All they need to do it is someone who cares enough to gift them one of your products, a smartphone – and your premium product.


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