Press release from: 18 December 2012

Proxama announces NFC partnership with SMARTRAC

Proxama, the leading provider of near field communications (NFC) mobile wallet and mobile marketing technology, has announced that it is working with SMARTRAC N.V., the leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of RFID transponders and inlays, to showcase the potential that NFC can add to marketers’ mobile marketing campaigns.

The partnership is expected to work with consumer-facing brands and agencies from early 2013. Both companies have been advocating the use of NFC on mobile phones as an effective way for brands to engage with their customers.

SMARTRAC is one of the leading suppliers of NFC tags and is keen to build upon its customers’ interest in NFC by demonstrating the value of the technology globally. Proxama has already run numerous NFC marketing campaigns using its TapPoint™ online campaign platform and voucher management system which enables brands, retailers, agencies and media owners to create content for NFC marketing campaigns and then monitor the results in ‘real time’. The two companies have teamed up to produce innovative and engaging demos that will illustrate the potential uses for NFC and consumer marketing and brand engagement.

Commenting on the agreement, Miles Quitmann, managing director of Proxama said: “Over the last 12 months we have delivered a number of pilot NFC consumer marketing campaigns for brands such as Nokia, Orange, 20th Century Fox and VH-1. By linking up with SMARTRAC, we are now in a position to develop and deliver large scale campaigns that will provide brands with the very latest in customer engagement techniques. Our campaigns will enable brands to offer a number of different products to their customers including sales incentives such as vouchers or loyalty cards; exclusive content such as film trailers or video guides; or provide links to social media for further interaction. With our TapPoint™ NFC campaign management platform, we believe we have the perfect blend of experience and technology to enable brands to get one step ahead in the mobile market sphere.”

"Adoption of NFC technology is accelerating based on services focused on digital engagement with consumers, gaming, content provisioning, and the like”, said Ivan Plajh, Head of Business Line Mobile and Smart Media at SMARTRAC. “Proxama's expertise and technology in the areas of tag management cloud services, secure mobile payment solutions, and apps for various smartphones is ideally extending our wide NFC Tag product range. Together, we are building the bridge not only between the physical and the online world but also between various NFC non-payment use cases and mobile payment. At SMARTRAC, we are convinced that this is the best way to carry this technology into the future."

About Proxama:
Proxama is a next generation mobile commerce company that specialises in NFC mobile contactless payments and NFC proximity marketing.

Proxama’s products and platform, which support all NFC handsets and mobile operating systems, connects the physical and digital worlds, allowing individuals to receive offers, connect with brands and make payments through their NFC phones.

Proxama works with card issuers, major network operators (MNOs), handset manufacturers and Out of Home (OOH) media companies to rapidly launch NFC payment services and location-based marketing campaigns.

SMARTRAC is the leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of RFID and NFC transponders and inlays. The company produces both ready-made and customized transponders and inlays used in access control, animal identification, automated fare collection, border control, RFID-based car immobilizers, contactless payment cards, electronic product identification, industry, libraries and media management, laundry, logistics, mobile and smart media, public transport, retail, and many more.

SMARTRAC was founded in 2000, went public in July 2006, and trades as a stock corporation under Dutch law with its registered headquarters in Amsterdam. The company currently employs some 4,000 employees and maintains a global research and development, production, and sales network.

For more information about Proxama please contact Rob Davies on 07709 366310 or and for SMARTRAC contact Tanja Moehler on +31 20 30 50 157 or

Forward-looking statements:
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