Press release from: 29 November 2016

Smartrac and CIT to Present Breakthrough Patient Identification Shield Solution at Next Generation Patient Experience Event

Amsterdam (The Netherlands), November 29, 2016: On the occasion of the Next Generation Patient Experience (NGPX) event at Litchfield Park, Arizona, Smartrac and Cutaneous Information Technology (CIT) are presenting the Patient Identification Shield, a breakthrough solution to better manage the patient ID, safety and experience. Key solution components are CIT’s patented Patient ID Shield, a superior alternative to error-prone wristband based systems which utilizes Smartrac’s powerful Smart Cosmos enablement platform to meaningfully impact the safety and experience of patients in a healthcare setting.


The NFC enabled Patient ID Shield is a special decal or skin worn technology which can be directly applied on the patient skin, and offers secure, durable and reliable identification in a healthcare setting. In conjunction with Smart Cosmos associated applications, the Patient Identification Shield can integrate with existing data management and EMR systems to offer a fully customizable patient management system to enhance the safety and experience of the patient.


Hospital ID wristbands have long been known as a sub-optimal solution that comes along with considerable yet inevitable error rates. The U.S. Department of Health estimates that misidentification errors cost $1.4 billion per year in the US alone. By leveraging RFID technology, bar codes and the Internet of Things, the new solution offers a superior alternative to traditional patient identification and a comprehensive patient safety and experience platform. It integrates with current data management and EMR systems allowing a hospital to enhance the capabilities of existing software investment.


Smart Cosmos as the basis
The Patient ID Shield carries Smartrac’s NFC inlays plus legible text information and a QR code. The software provides a smartphone application integrated with the healthcare facilities electronic medical record system (“EMR”) and extracts the necessary data from that system and integrates the extracted data with the cloud data management system. Both the smartphone app and the backend software are based on Smartrac’s enablement platform Smart Cosmos which provides extensions into healthcare information technology solutions from Allscripts and other EMR platforms.


“Our cooperation with CIT and the resulting Patient ID Shield is a milestone in our ongoing transition into a leading provider of ready-made and customized RFID products and IoT-based solutions as it confirms Smartrac as a credible solutions provider in the healthcare segment. It solo underlines the potential Smart Cosmos has to offer not only for retail and industrial markets but also for healthcare”, says Ted Danhauser, Vice President of Sales Americas and Global Segment Head for Pharma and Healthcare at Smartrac.


“CIT is committed to changing, even disrupting, the way healthcare organizations look at identification. Our collaboration with Smartrac has added an extremely high level of sophistication and experience in solution-oriented applications utilizing RFID technology, and in doing so has significantly expanded the capability and scope of the Patient Identification Shield. This partnership also demonstrates Smartrac’s commitment to the healthcare industry, and by utilizing our collective resources we are best positioned to meaningfully impact a patient’s safety and experience in a healthcare setting”, explains Michael Gilvary, Chief Operating Officer and Partner at CIT.


The Patient ID Shield solution will presumably be available worldwide starting the third quarter of 2017, with details and pricing yet to be announced.


About Smartrac:
Smartrac is the world’s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of RFID products and IoT solutions, providing both ready-made and customized offerings, suitable for a large number of applications. Smartrac makes products smart, and enables businesses to identify, authenticate, track and complement product offerings. The company’s portfolio is used in a wide array of applications: access control, animal identification, automated fare collection, automotive, border control, contactless payment, electronic product identification, industry, libraries and media management, laundry, logistics, retail, public transport, and many more. Leveraging its global R&D, production and sales network, Smartrac combines physical products with its Internet of Things platform Smart Cosmos, empowering the ecosystem of connected things. Smartrac has its registered headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter:


Media contact:
Smartrac Technology Group
Karin Fabri
Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing
Phone: +31 203 050 150 


Smart Cosmos is a registered trademark of Smartrac N.V.


About CIT:
Cutaneous Information Technologies is an identification and information management company focused, at present, in the Healthcare Industry. We have developed a patented, skin-wearable, durable technology called the Shield™ that identifies patients in a wide range of healthcare settings. This Patient Information System seamlessly integrates the Shield™ hospital systems, and will eventually integrate with digitally-controlled medication administration, patient tracking, and even non-invasive physiologic testing. The concept of our Cutaneous Identifier also has broad applicability in non-healthcare industries such as sports and recreation, hospitality, transportation, defense, and any environment where secure, temporary, non-transferrable, personal identification is required.


Media contact:
Michael Gilvary
Chief Operating Officer / Partner

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