Press release from: 09 March 2016

Smartrac Launches World’s First Passive UHF Moisture-Sensing Inlay for Healthcare Applications

Amsterdam (The Netherlands), March 9, 2016 – RFID technology leader Smartrac has launched Sensor Patch, the industry’s first passive UHF moisture-sensing inlay for healthcare applications, at the LogiMAT 2016 tradeshow in Stuttgart, Germany. This innovative RFID product results from Smartrac’s collaboration with sensor specialist RFMicron.


Today, industrialized countries are seeing the number of people in need of geriatric care climbing steeply, and care providers are struggling with the problem of managing urinary incontinence and associated skin irritations. A solution based on Smartrac’s Sensor Patch might offer relief: disposable moisture sensing inlays that can be attached to the outside of any diaper to avoid irritation.


In industrial diaper production, the inlays can also be placed invisibly, between the diaper’s layers. Caregivers would be equipped with mobile reading devices enabling them to remotely detect if an incontinence event has occurred within roughly 1.5 meters / 5 feet. The cost of inlays and readers would pay off quickly – in terms of both reduced time allocated to patient toileting, as well as increased patient dignity and quality of life.


Like its sibling products Sensor DogBone and Sensor Tadpole, Sensor Patch is a result of Smartrac’s cooperation with sensor specialist RFMicron. Equipped with RFMicron’s Magnus® S2 chip, the latest passive UHF single-chip sensor solution offers cost-efficiency and hassle-free implementation.


It is deployable where active or semi-active sensors are not practical, and involves no battery maintenance, running costs or problems with product lifetime or recycling. Hence, one economically promising example for the deployment of Sensor Patch is wireless incontinence detection for care facilities and further healthcare applications.


Versatility key to a wide array of applications
One major benefit of Smartrac’s product line of sensor inlays is its versatility, which opens up a wide array of industrial applications as well. While Sensor Patch works well on textiles, pulps and nonwoven materials, Sensor DogBone functions flawlessly on cardboard, plastics, stone, wood, construction materials, and Sensor Tadpole is ideally suited for metal environments. Future sensor inlays will further expand the scope of applications.


Featuring model-specific designs, the inlay antennas act as a resistor / inductor / capacitor (RLC) tuned circuit. Any one of these, or any combination of the three, can be exploited to enable the antenna to sense its environment. Thereby, the antenna converts environmental data into an impedance change, and then the sensor tag IC translates this into a sensor code, as it dynamically matches antenna impedance to die impedance.


Peter Walendy, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Things Business Division at Smartrac Technology Group, said “Traditional sensors exploit changes in resistance to measure environmental variables, but this results in reduced tag read range due to power dissipated in the resistance. With their ability to use inductance or capacitance, our Smartrac sensor inlays effectively avoid read-range issues. Thus they offer great performance in diverse and challenging circumstances, and accurately detect and measure moisture levels in a wide array of environments and areas of application – be it industrial production or geriatric care.”


Smartrac will supply Sensor Patch in dry and wet format to suit all converting industry needs. The product complies with all relevant industry standards and strict quality control parameters. It is based on the RFMicron Magnus S2 chip, and works in the 860-960 MHz frequency range. The inlay’s die-cut size is 105 x 11.62 mm (4.1 x 0.5 in) in ETSI, and 100 x 11.62 mm (3.9 x 0.5 in) in FCC standard.


Smartrac Sensor Patch will be available immediately following the LogiMAT 2016 tradeshow. Explore the new Sensor Patch inlay and discover further innovative RFID solutions @ LogiMAT, Hall 4, Booth D81, 8-10 March 2016, Neue Messe, Stuttgart, Germany.


About Smartrac:
Smartrac is the world’s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of RFID products and services, providing both ready-made and customized products and services suitable for a large number of applications. Smartrac makes products smart, and enables businesses to identify, authenticate, track and complement product offerings. The company’s portfolio is used in a wide array of applications: access control, animal identification, automated fare collection, automotive, border control, contactless payment, electronic product identification, industry, libraries and media management, laundry, logistics, retail, public transport, and many more. Leveraging its global R&D, production and sales network, Smartrac combines physical products with its Internet of Things platform Smart Cosmos, empowering the ecosystem of connected things. Smartrac has its registered headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For more information, visit, and follow us on Twitter:


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