Press release from: 19 January 2016

Smartrac Presents Extra-Compact RAIN RFID Inlays for Retail Applications

Amsterdam (The Netherlands), January 19, 2016 – During Retail’s Big Show in New York, Smartrac has introduced the new Accessory and Bling inlays, complementing the company’s range of RAIN RFID products based on Impinj’s Monza® R6 chip. Accessory is optimized for accessory and cosmetics applications, while the even tinier Bling is designed especially for jewelry. They both share excellent performance and superior close-coupling features.


Accessory inlays have a die-cut size of 33 x 18 mm (1.3 x 0.7 in), allowing them to be easily converted into small-sized hangtags for accessory labels, or attached to small cosmetic items. Bling inlays have an even smaller die-cut size of 25 x 15 mm (1.0 x 0.6 in), enabling easy conversion into small-sized hangtags especially designed for jewelry labels.


Different sizes, common features and benefits
Accessory and Bling are equipped with the Impinj Monza R6 chip that comes with an Autotune feature, which helps the new products to work at peak efficiency, even in rapidly changing environments. Both inlays offer unique TID, enable pre-serialized EPC and are 100% performance tested. Available in dry, wet and paper tag delivery formats, the inlays and tags are also suitable for full integration into the Smart Cosmos Cloud-based services platform.


Like their Monza R6 based siblings (MiniWeb, ShortDipole, DogBone, Spine, Viper, Belt), Accessory and Bling excel in a variety of retail-oriented scenarios and applications.

“The new, downsized inlays offer retailers compelling advantages, enabling superior brand protection and loss prevention for small but valuable merchandize like accessories, cosmetics goods and jewelry. With these new products, Smartrac is again strengthening its position as the leading manufacturer of RFID inlays and tags” said Torsten Strauch, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Things Business Division at Smartrac.


Smartrac’s new inlay Accessory is available in high-volume quantities as of now, followed by Bling inlay until the end of the first quarter of 2016. Smartrac is presenting the new inlays as well as many more innovative products and solutions at NRF Retail’s Big Show 2016 in New York, January 17-19, at booth # 1413.


RAIN RFID is a wireless technology based on the UHF RFID protocol standard developed by GS1 and ISO. Its benefits include superior read range and fast data transfer. Smartrac is a founding member of the RAIN RFID Alliance, a global organization promoting the universal adoption of RAIN technology solutions across many different vertical markets.


Monza is a registered trademark of Impinj Inc.


About Smartrac:
Smartrac is the world’s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of RFID products and services, providing both ready-made and customized products and services suitable for a large number of applications. Smartrac makes products smart, and enables businesses to identify, authenticate, track and complement product offerings. The company’s portfolio is used in a wide array of applications: access control, animal identification, automated fare collection, automotive, border control, contactless payment, electronic product identification, industry, libraries and media management, laundry, logistics, retail, public transport, and many more. Leveraging its global R&D, production and sales network, Smartrac combines physical products with its Internet of Things platform Smart Cosmos, empowering the ecosystem of connected things. Smartrac has its registered headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For more information, visit, and follow us on Twitter:


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