Press release from: 09 January 2013

SMARTRAC Presents “The Path from Merchandise Visibility to Consumer Experience”

SMARTRAC N.V., the leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of RFID transponders and inlays, announced that it will provide visitors of the NRF Annual Convention & EXPO, Retail’s BIG Show, with an interactive retail experience area.

This year’s experience will take visitors on “the path from merchandise visibility to consumer experience,” demonstrating the benefits of RFID and NFC technologies from the ultimate supply chain and inventory management solutions, all the way to applications for consumer acquisition, experience, and retention. In a dedicated retail experience area, visitors will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with how RFID technology benefits retailers, brand owners, and consumers.

Together with partners r-pac, Cellotape, Overheer Systems, Pittsfield ID, and Thinaire™, SMARTRAC will be demonstrating the latest RFID and NFC solutions for retail at booth 2059 from January 14 to 15, 2013.

SMARTRAC will also be showcasing the new WebLite UHF RFID tag designed for retail EPC programs. The WebLite is a technological advance in both size and performance, and is especially suited for item-level tagging and identification where RFID tag space is limited and performance is of critical importance.

r-pac International will showcase a variety of converted RFID products including the newly announced WebLite hangtags and stickers. r-pac personnel will be available to discuss retailer requirements and how they have been assisting suppliers worldwide with their RFID tagging needs. r-pac will further demonstrate their r-trac serialization management platform, which is the engine for their worldwide service bureaus and in-plant print and encode solutions. Experts in RFID will be available to discuss retailer and brand owner needs and provide guidance in implementing a successful RFID program.

Cellotape will be displaying an assortment of printed products that include encoded NFC tags with variable printed data aligned with variable encoded data. The products cover multiple industries from the tech world, through table tents and smart poster tags to business cards. Cellotape will also be demonstrating Tap4Mor stickers for use at the point of purchase (POP) and point of sale (POS).

Overheer Systems will debut the new Reflect Mobile Checkout app. The company’s first customer-operated app for retail allows individuals to check out from the store on their smartphones within a matter of moments. At booth 2059, visitors will see how retailers need to bridge the gap between online and brick-and-mortar sales.

The Pittsfield ID InMotion™ Retail Marketing system leverages SMARTRAC inlays, enhances the customer experience, and captures the customer’s attention through interactive product pages, streaming video, augmented reality, website links, and/or product information. The InMotion™ system matches the actual motion of products handled by the customer with digital advertising material, turning an ordinary shopping trip into an interactive sales experience and providing retailers with actionable marketing insights and reports. InMotion™ will also demonstrate an interactive multi-touch experience to showcase products and lifestyle in a retail environment.

Thinaire™ will be displaying its scalable cloud-based marketing platform that enables coordinated and relevant brand messages to come to life on a person’s smartphone.

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SMARTRAC is the leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of RFID and NFC transponders and inlays. The company produces both ready-made and customized transponders and inlays used in access control, animal identification, automated fare collection, border control, RFID-based car immobilizers, contactless payment cards, electronic product identification, industry, libraries and media management, laundry, logistics, mobile and smart media, public transport, retail, and many more.

SMARTRAC was founded in 2000, went public in July 2006, and trades as a stock corporation under Dutch law with its registered headquarters in Amsterdam. The company currently employs some 4,000 employees and maintains a global research and development, production, and sales network.

About r-pac:

r-pac is a global corporation with world headquarters in New York and regional headquarters in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Europe. Since 1987, r-pac is a vertical supplier of soft- and hard-line trims and packaging to major global retailers and brand owners in multiple industries, including apparel, electronics, home goods, CPG, FMCG, footwear, sporting goods, and toys. In addition to delivering innovative branding and packaging solutions, r-pac is leading the industry in item-level tagging for manufacturers and retailers from source-to-store with RFID technology.

About Cellotape:

The Cellotape Companies, Cellotape Inc., Landmark Label, Cellotape PTE. Ltd., and Tap4Mor, provides a host of creative solutions from Wine Labels to Graphic Overlays to the most demanding Medical Applications and Industries. The company tag line that “Anything is Possible” is reflected in the finished products to some of the most demanding graphic designs surviving in demanding environmental conditions. Based on its vast inventory of different materials, inks, and adhesives the company is able to meet and exceed all customer requirements and expectations.

About Overheer Systems:

Overheer Systems provides turn-key item-level RFID solutions enabling retailers to increase sales and giving healthcare unprecedented visibility into inventory. The company’s cloud-based applications in the Reflect RFID Suite, comprises many specialized applications: Reflect Web, Reflect Mobile, Reflect Fixed Reader, Reflect Print & Serialization, Reflect Distribution, and the new Reflect Mobile Checkout.

About Pittsfield ID:

Pittsfield ID is a full service, global provider of brand identification and brand associated technologies to the apparel and soft goods industries. The company manufactures high quality woven and printed brand labels, RFID/EAS solutions and flexible RFID software products. Pittsfield ID supplies major brands and high volume programs while maintaining the flexibility and personal customer service contact necessary to satisfy the needs of customers large and small. The company’s innovative label solutions range from customer specific enhancements to process changes that have improved label production methods worldwide.

About Thinaire™

Thinaire has pioneered a scalable cloud-based marketing platform that enables coordinated and relevant brand messages to come to life on a person’s smartphone using NFC and other mobile on-ramps. Thinaire’s platform supports all media forms: In-store media, magazines and publications, digital place-based media networks, Out-of-Home media, special events and messaging directly from the product. Thinaire’s cloud-based platform is designed to host branded experiences and promotions; capturing all of the relevant data – both output and input - that comes as a result of each shopper engagement.

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