Press release from: 08 March 2016

Smartrac to Present RFID Innovations for Industry 4.0 at LogiMAT

Amsterdam (The Netherlands), March 8, 2016 – Smartrac is showing a strong presence at LogiMAT, the International Trade Fair for Distribution, Materials Handling and Information Flow. The RFID pacesetter is focusing on innovations that are helping to create Industry 4.0 solutions.


At the Stuttgart Exhibition Center, Hall 4, Booth D81, Smartrac is presenting a mix of new RFID products and Cloud-based solutions that leverage the company’s groundbreaking Internet of Things platform, Smart Cosmos.


Innovative tags for industrial and supply-chain management applications
In terms of products, Smartrac is launching its Sensor Patch inlay that complements Sensor Tadpole, the first-ever passive water sensor tag that works on metal surfaces such as the harsh environment of an automobile chassis. Sensor Patch is the industry’s first passive UHF moisture-sensing inlay for healthcare applications. Equipped with RFMicron’s Magnus® S2 chip, this latest passive UHF single-chip sensor solution offers cost-efficiency and hassle-free implementation.


Additional product innovations include Smartrac’s Belt and DogBone inlays based on the latest NXP UCODE DNA & UCODE7 XM(+) ICs with increased user memory, enabling new applications for customers in the fields of supply-chain management. Belt tags and inlays are designed for logistic and retail applications as they provide high performance in apparel and brand protection, industrial and supply-chain management solutions. The special design also takes into account the RF requirements for close coupling. DogBone inlays and tags are designed for global supply chain, industrial, RTI and sports timing applications, and offer excellent performance in demanding environments and on different materials. DogBone inlays and tags have a very good tolerance to the detuning effect of high-electric materials, providing effective performance even on difficult-to-tag materials.


Leak detection demo
Back in November 2015, Smartrac introduced Sensor Tadpole, the first-ever passive water sensor tag that works on metal surfaces such as the harsh environment of an automobile chassis. The solution ensures that cars leaving the factory are completely watertight, and may also find applications in aviation manufacture and shipbuilding. During LogiMAT, Smartrac is now presenting a mini show-car equipped with Sensor Tadpole tags to demonstrate how easy it is to detect hidden leaks. For this solution, Smartrac is cooperating with Turck, an automation partner for very reliable, industry-specific solutions with a global footprint.


Monitoring and managing industrial parts eco-system
Another stand demo showcases an Industry 4.0 compliant authentication solution based on Smart Cosmos. By tagging industrial parts – brake pads in the demo case – and with that making them smart by linking them to Smart Cosmos, they can be comprehensively monitored and managed throughout their complete lifecycle, and become part of the industrial parts eco-system. Once these parts get packaged and leave the factory, tapping an NFC-enabled smartphone on the product packages provides access to the parts’ history.


Smartrac’s cooperation with Tego, the developer and manufacturer of the industrial-grade, high-memory UHF TegoChip™ for industrial applications in very challenging environments such as aviation, healthcare or nuclear, extends the range of parts and tools that can be tagged and made smart, hence monitored and managed in an Industry 4.0 compliant way. Such items include the airline life vests, blood plasma bottles and carbon fiber fuel pipes that are on show at LogiMAT.


Web DF dual-frequency inlay in industrial applications
During LogiMAT, Smartrac is also showcasing its recently introduced Web DF, the industry’s first single-chip HF (NFC) and UHF inlay, suitable for industrial application scenarios where it excels through its unique dual-frequency capability. This innovative inlay offers the benefits of UHF to e.g. operators in production lines, in logistics and supply-chain management, plus the benefits of NFC via mobile readers to distribution and services partners or customers in later stages of the parts’ lifecycle.


“Industry 4.0 offers a vast array of opportunities for companies that want to apply innovative technologies based on RFID and the Internet of Things. At LogiMAT we are showcasing several highly attractive new products and solutions that open up those opportunities and offer differentiation from our competitors. Hence, Smartrac is clearly and best positioned as the leader in RFID innovations for Industry 4.0”, says Peter Walendy, Senior Vice President, Intelligent Things Business Division at Smartrac Technology Group.


Learn more about our RFID products and solutions and explore SMARTRAC’s industrial RFID innovations @ LogiMAT, booth #4D81, 8-10 March 2016, Neue Messe, Stuttgart, Germany.


About Smartrac:
Smartrac is the world’s leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of RFID products and services, providing both ready-made and customized products and services suitable for a large number of applications. Smartrac makes products smart, and enables businesses to identify, authenticate, track and complement product offerings. The company’s portfolio is used in a wide array of applications: access control, animal identification, automated fare collection, automotive, border control, contactless payment, electronic product identification, industry, libraries and media management, laundry, logistics, retail, public transport, and many more. Leveraging its global R&D, production and sales network, Smartrac combines physical products with its Internet of Things platform Smart Cosmos, empowering the ecosystem of connected things. Smartrac has its registered headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For more information, visit, and follow us on Twitter:


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