Press Releases

28 October 2019

Smartrac Launches MAXDURA® KEG Product Line for Tagging Beer Kegs and Other Returnable Transport Items, Yielding Superior Bulk Reading Results

Smartrac Technology Group today announced the launch of its MAXDURA® KEG tag product line. Available as RAIN RFID (UHF) and dual-frequency (UHF and NFC) tags, and for adhesive mounting or PU embedding, Smartrac’s new hard tags provide superior solutions for identifying and tracking beverage kegs, gas cylinders and other curved metal returnable transport items (RTI) under bulk reading conditions.



23 October 2019

SensThys and Smartrac Partner to Provide RFID-Based Moisture, Temperature and Location Sensing Solution

Smartrac Technology Group and SensThys Inc., a technology company that seamlessly integrates sensors and communications with a high-efficiency networking platform, have partnered to provide an innovative RFID-based moisture, temperature and location sensing solution for facilities management.


02 October 2019

Smartrac and Compass Jointly Provide a Revolutionary Customer Experience, Supporting McKinsey’s “Modern Retail Collective” Store

Smartrac Technology Group and Compass Marketing, a leading solutions provider for the CPG industry, are jointly supporting “Modern Retail Collective”, a store developed by McKinsey and Company, and Mall of America. Through Compass’ SRL Network, Smartrac's superior-quality NFC tags, and complementary retail technologies, customers can enjoy a digital customer experience that is revolutionary for brick-and-mortar stores.


01 October 2019

Smartrac Launches EAGLE Green Tags, Further Accelerating Market Adoption of Truly Sustainable RFID Products

Smartrac Technology Group today announced the launch of its EAGLE Green tags. As the latest products developed for Smartrac’s Green Tag Program, EAGLE Green inlays and tags combine superior sustainability characteristics with compact size, excellent read range and high quality for retail-optimized applications.


19 September 2019

Smartrac Launches BLOCK ON-METAL NFC Tags with Excellent Performance on Metallic Objects

Smartrac Technology Group today announced the launch of its BLOCK ON-METAL tags. These flexible, ferrite-based NFC inlays and tags are suitable for multiple industrial, retail and B2C applications where items with metallic surfaces need to be identified or interacted with.


05 September 2019

Smartrac Launches New NFC PRO Series - Taking Secure Product Authentication to Higher Levels

Smartrac Technology Group has launched the new PRO series of its market leading portfolio of NFC tags and inlays. The company’s NFC tag CIRCUS PRO, equipped with NXP’s NTAG® 424 DNA IC, will be the first member of the new product series optimized for highly secure product authentication.


03 September 2019

Smartrac at Future Travel Experience Global Exhibition

Smartrac Technology Group is joining the air transport and travel industry’s most forward-thinking vendors as a Gold Sponsor and exhibitor at the Future Travel Experience (FTE) Global 2019 exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 4-6, 2019. At its booth #B2, the RFID and IoT pacesetter will showcase sample use cases and optimized products for baggage tracking and supply chain management applications.


14 August 2019

Smartrac Enhances Industrial Focus and Ramps Up Global Production Capacity

Smartrac Technology Group today announced a significant increase in its manufacturing capacity and the implementation of concrete measures to reinforce the company’s focus on global industrial applications.


07 August 2019

Smartrac Launches SKYLINE – new RAIN RFID Inlays for Ultra-Long Read Range on Metal Surfaces

Smartrac Technology Group, a global market leader in RFID products and IoT solutions, today announced the launch of its SKYLINE inlays and tags for industrial on-metal applications. With their optimized antenna and sophisticated spacer-based design, the new, compact RAIN RFID (UHF) products offer an outstanding read range of up to 6 meters under real-world conditions.


17 July 2019

Smartrac Gets “Gold Medal” for its Corporate Social Responsibility Achievements

Smartrac, a global leader in RFID technology and IoT solutions, has been awarded a gold medal from EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, in recognition of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) achievements.