Press Releases

30 October 2018

Smartrac Introduces Midas FlagTag® with NXP’s UCODE® 7xm IC, Aiming at Automotive and Industrial Applications

Building on the success of its innovative Midas FlagTag® for items with metallic, plastic and cardboard surfaces, Smartrac has announced a Midas FlagTag, now also featuring NXP’s UCODE® 7xm IC. Leveraging the IC’s specific capabilities, Midas FlagTag UCODE 7xm is particularly suitable for applications like asset tracking, inventory management or process optimization in the automotive industry as well as other industrial environments


29 October 2018

Smartrac Launches ‘Wings’ – The New RAIN RFID Inlay for Luggage Tagging and Supply Chain Applications – IATA Compliant and Auburn University Approved

Smartrac Technology Group has announced its innovative and high-performance Wings tag. Characterized by a long-read distance of up to 18 meters and compact footprint, and equipped with NXP’s UCODE® 8 IC, the new RAIN RFID tag is specifically designed and developed for luggage tagging and well suited to a wide range of apparel and supply-chain management applications.


11 September 2018

Smartrac to Broaden Its Brand Protection Portfolio With eApeiron Solutions Acquisition

Smartrac Technology Group announced today that it has acquired brand protection specialist eApeiron Solutions.


10 September 2018

Smartrac Introduces Patrick Eichstaedt as New Sales Leader for EMEA

Smartrac Technology Group has appointed Patrick Eichstaedt as its new Vice President of Sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), with immediate effect.


06 September 2018

Smartrac Launches Cattle Ear Tag – a High-Performance RAIN RFID Product for Animal Identification

Smartrac is further extending its Animal ID portfolio by launching its new Cattle Ear Tag. The RAIN RFID product comprises a chip module that is inductively coupled to an advanced RFID antenna design, which ensures outstanding ruggedness in demanding applications.


05 September 2018

Smartrac Launches the World’s Smallest Inlay MiniWeb, and DogBone Inlay with NXP’s UCODE® 8 Chips

Smartrac is introducing two more inlays featuring NXP’s UCODE® 8 RAIN RFID ICs: MiniWeb, currently the world’s smallest inlay, and DogBone. Leveraging the IC’s extended read range and usability in light dielectric materials such as cardboard or plastic boxes, MiniWeb and DogBone, both IoT-ready, excel in item-level retail and many logistics applications. 


11 July 2018

Smartrac Appoints Dr. Kerstin Reden as New CFO

Smartrac Technology Group today announced the appointment of Dr. Kerstin Reden as Chief Financial Officer, filling a vacancy in the leadership team of the global leader in RFID products and IoT solutions. Prior to her promotion, Kerstin Reden led Smartrac’s Finance team with the rank of Senior Vice President.


10 July 2018

Alibaba Invests in Smartrac to Enhance Brand Protection

Smartrac Technology Group announced today that Alibaba Group will invest in the company, reinforcing both parties’ commitment to strengthen brand protection strategies.


09 July 2018

Smartrac Unveils New Belt Inlays Based on NXP’s UCODE® 8 Chips

Smartrac is extending its RAIN RFID portfolio by launching new Belt inlays featuring UCODE® 8 - NXP’s recently introduced UCODE 8 RAIN RFID chip platform. Smartrac Belt inlays are designed for item-level retail and logistics applications. They are characterized by an extended read range and allow usage in light dielectric materials, such as cardboard or plastic boxes.


14 June 2018

Smooth Solutions for Harsh Conditions: Smartrac Expands its NFC Portfolio for Challenging Applications

Focused on providing innovative IoT solutions and latest technologies, Smartrac is extending its portfolio of NFC products twofold. While its recently introduced Circus™ Flex and Dura tags offer enhanced environmental resistance for brand and retail applications, Smartrac’s all-new On-Metal products allow for efficient tagging of metal surfaces in industrial and automotive applications.