Press Releases

25 January 2018

Smartrac Honored as Company of the Year for RFID Technology Solutions

Smartrac has been honored with the Frost & Sullivan 2018 European ‘Company of the Year Award’ for its RFID technology solutions. The RFID and IoT pacesetter demonstrated to Frost & Sullivan analysts the fundamental benefit its Smart Cosmos solution suite provides: delivering business value through consumer experience innovation.


14 January 2018

Smartrac Showcases What the ‘Internet of Your Things’ Has in Store

At Retail’s BIG Show in New York, Smartrac is not simply showing the way toward the ‘Internet of Your Things’. Together with its partners Blue Bite and Temera, the RFID and IoT pacesetter is also presenting innovative solutions and real-world examples of how brand owners and retailers can utilize it here and now.


13 January 2018

Smartrac Proves That The "Internet of Your Things” is Just Two Steps Away

Digitization, IoT and customer experience will be major buzzwords at this year’s NRF event. Christian Uhl, CEO of RFID and IoT pacesetter Smartrac, is keen to prove that brand owners and retailers only have to take two steps to be ready to transform their business and benefit from an “Internet of Your Things”.


13 January 2018

Smartrac Showcases Innovative Solutions That Create the “Internet of Your Things” at Retail’s Big Show in New York

As the retail world gathers for its annual meeting in New York, Smartrac presents its latest RFID and IoT solutions to digitize all products, hence transforming the retail business and creating the “Internet of Your Things”.


14 December 2017

A “Digital Seal” for a Wide Range of Products: Smartrac Introduces Circus Tamper Loop Tags

RFID and IoT solutions pacesetter Smartrac has announced its new Circus Tamper Loop tags specifically designed for tamper detection and authentication via NFC-enabled smartphones. Targeting a wide array of applications for packaged goods in consumer and industrial markets, Circus Tamper Loop opens the door to entirely new, NFC-based consumer experience solutions featuring higher security and additional consumer engagement at the point of sale and post-sale.


06 December 2017

PING Consortium Wins Innovation Product Award at EFECS 2017

The PING Consortium is delighted to be selected as winner of the Innovation Product Award today at the European Forum for Electronics Components and Systems (EFECS 2017). This award recognises that the PING project paves the way for trillions of interactive objects that will expand the Internet of Things to the mass market.


22 September 2017

Smartrac Showcases its Temperature Sensor Portfolio at Cold Chain Global Forum 2017

Smartrac will use the occasion of the 15th Annual Cold Chain Global Forum in Chicago (USA) to present its latest portfolio of temperature-sensing products and solutions that provide comprehensive cold-chain monitoring.


18 September 2017

Smartrac Appoints Amir Mobayen as Chief Revenue Officer

RFID and IoT solutions pacesetter Smartrac today announced that it has added the new position of Chief Revenue Officer to its Management Board, and that Amir Mobayen will take over that role with immediate effect.


06 September 2017

Smartrac Introduces Midas FlagTag, a Cost-Efficient High-Performance Tag for Metallic Surfaces and Everyday Objects

RFID and IoT solutions pacesetter Smartrac has announced its Midas FlagTag®, a technically sophisticated yet simplified, innovative RFID tag for consumer goods and industrial components with metallic, plastic and cardboard surfaces. Smartrac’s unique Midas FlagTag design uses the metallic surface as part of the antenna structure.


27 June 2017

Smartrac Launches World’s First Fully Integrated RFID-Enabled Cable Ties

RFID and IoT pacesetter Smartrac has announced its Ratch tag product line, the first RFID-enabled cable ties with fully integrated RFID tags. Available for both HF and UHF frequency bands, Smartrac Ratch tags are ideal for the tagging and asset control of critical equipment in applications such as lifting, automotive wiring and supply chain, offshore operations or entertainment and stage rigging.