Product digitization: Explained

Product Digitization Explained

There’s a lot of talk about digitization. But for brands that sell physical products, it isn’t always clear what that should actually look like.


In practice, the best way to make a massive impact on a brand that sells physical products is to start by digitizing those products.


Because when you digitize your products, you digitize your business.


Product digitization is the process of inserting smart tags in the products you already sell, so that when someone taps on that product with their smartphone they spark a digital interaction on their device.


It’s a smart way to increase loyalty sign-ups, give your customers an easier way to reorder products wherever they are, and create personalized interactions at and after the point of sale.


Here’s what that process looks like for your customers.



First, you physically embed the tags in your product, like this soccer jersey.


You only need the right tag for your product. That might mean washable, durable tags in your soccer logo or cold-resistant, pressure-proof tags in your ski goggles.


Next, your customer taps your jersey with their smartphone.


Most commonly used smartphones interact with smart tags (it’s the same tech devices use for things like Apple Pay and Android Pay).


That then triggers an experience on their phone, like highlights from last night’s game.


Once they’ve tapped your product, you can deliver a digital experience tailored to that precise moment. Think clothing recommendations from your fitting rooms, or installation instructions on your toner cartridges, or automatic reordering from empty dog food.


This is where you turn your physical product into a platform for digital customer experience. This is where you amplify the value you already deliver. This is where your product comes to life.


Like helping fans feel more connected to the team through your interactive soccer jersey. Or recommending the best trails to skiers depending on where they tapped.


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