Product subscriptions

Turn your products into subscription services with NFC tags


In highly commoditized markets, you can either join the race to the lowest price or you can sidestep your competition by changing the way you reach your customers.


For brands selling consumables and refillable products this is a particularly important challenge. Especially when the majority of your revenue comes from selling through channels your competitors use too. So what do you do?

Today, when your customers run out of your products, they either go to the store or Amazon to reorder your products. In either case, there’s a big chance they’ll be distracted and convinced by offers from your competitors.


On the other hand, if you embed NFC tags in your products, you can create a whole new channel for your customers to quickly, easily and securely reorder your products – direct from you. All they do is tap on the product with their phone when they’re done and they’re all set to receive the next one.


No supermarket trip. No competing brands or offers.


Just your product on repeat, whenever your customer needs it. That’s how you differentiate your products, improve the consumer experience and grow customer lifetime value.


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