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The modern enterprise recognizes the fundamental value of supply chain visibility. Visibility means that the enterprise should have unfettered and timely access to essential data that can help management reduce costs while simultaneously improving operational efficiencies. Access to supply chain data is mandatory for those looking to effectively compete in today’s ultra-global marketplace.

Profiles provides full visibility into supply chain and manufacturing metadata associated with all types of RFID transponder procurements. With over 1.5 billion transponder-manufacturing records being added per year to the Cloud, Profiles is the biggest repository of object ID’s in the world. A rich Web front end provides ad hoc query and reporting capabilities, while a RESTful set of Web Service provides software developers with access to supply chain metadata in an automated fashion.

By combining Profiles with other SMART COSMOS platform services, especially Objects and Flows, an even higher level of automation that can Connect Things! is possible.


  • The inherent capabilities differ between chip models and chip manufacturers. Profiles provides access to quality assurance data that includes the Chip Manufacturer, Chip Model, Attenuation, and Batch Yield, and many other metadata fields
  • Daily feeds from our global manufacturing plants means faster access to production data—even if your order hasn’t completed or even shipped yet. This means you can begin integrating tag data into your product planning cycles in a more timely manner.
  • Tags purchased from Smartrac can be flagged as “Round Rock” compliant, ensuring that the tags can be utilized in the retail space unencumbered. Our free Android application enables field verification of license compliance at any point in the supply chain.
  • From licensed apparel to name-brand products, Profiles supports the definition of arbitrary license values that fit your workflow and nomenclature. For example, a “NameBrand” license could be defined to differentiate between white label and brand offerings
  • Full featured Web UI for ad hoc reporting
  • A simple and well-documented RESTful Web Services architecture makes integration into back office systems or your commercial product offerings a breeze.



  • Ad hoc query support
  • Extensive record filtering capabilities
  • Multiple export formats supported, including PDF and CSV
  • Access to plant and batch manufacturing metadata
  • Access to chip manufacturer and chip model metadata
  • "Round Rock" IP licensing management
  • Custom licensing management
  • Access to quality metadata
  • Arbitrary management of custom Object IDs
  • REST endpoint for querying and verifying the license status of a set of tag identifiers.
  • REST endpoint for querying metadata for a set of tag identifiers
  • Restricted REST endpoint for non-Smartrac manufactured data import (available only to formally accredited third parties)
  • Complete set of manufacturing data available from 2012 forward
  • Highly scalable Cloud SaaS architecture capable of handling hundreds of billions of tags

Software Developers

For technical questions related to our open-source Profiles SDK, please visit our Developers web site or send an e-mail to