Indian library chain JustBooks uses RFID to turn the page on inventory management


With their large number of assets and low or no-cost service model, libraries have a challenging business model to optimize. However, industry leaders like Bangalore-based JustBooks are using RFID technology to do just that. Could JustBooks’ work to implement an RFID solution prove to be a textbook case of how technology innovation can help conquer thorny industry challenges?


As a subscription-based library lending service, JustBooks sought to leverage technology to upgrade customer experience, track its 160,000-item inventory and reduce operational costs. When it came to meeting these important business requirements, RFID’s advantages over traditional barcoding methods were an open book.


JustBooks has deployed an RFID solution from ThingMagic, SMARTRAC and Great Eastern Impex that provides library management software, unmanned customer service kiosks, custom book labels with ShortDipole™ tags and RFID readers. The library management software is integrated into backend systems, providing staff with ready access to customer and inventory data. Library employees can use handheld RFID readers to perform rapid inventory counts and locate and replace misplaced items, enhancing circulation processes.

Meanwhile, customers can use RFID-enabled automated kiosks to review their profile information, obtain real-time information on item availability, search for and return library items, add books to their queue and request items for transfer.


With its highly reliable and accurate RFID-enabled inventory management system, JustBooks gains significant cost savings, improved visibility into its operations and better use of its assets – along with the ability to scale effortlessly to serve thousands more avid readers.

It’s clear that RFID’s benefits lift the words right off the page for this innovative library chain.