Ready to Generate More Value Together?

In mid-April 2015, SMARTRAC launched its new VALUE PLUS Partner Program for system integrators, solution providers and resellers. Less than two months later, the program has attracted a great deal of interest across the RFID industry, resulting in further cooperations with selected partners.


What do companies like MPI, Northern Apex, Seeonic and WS Packaging have in common? They are all leaders in their respective fields – and they have all joined SMARTRAC’s VALUE PLUS Partner Program, with Seeonic leading the way as the program’s initial partner.


Obviously they have been convinced by its benefits. VALUE PLUS Partners are entitled to access SMARTRAC’s product roadmaps at a very early stage. They also benefit from comprehensive sales, marketing and communication cooperation and support. In providing these advantages, the program aims to create incremental demand for solutions that are jointly developed and marketed by SMARTRAC and its VALUE PLUS Partners. Additional objectives include enhanced value creation, sustainable margins and increased sales efficiency.


Addressing a Wide Range of RFID Specialists


Initial partner Seeonic, which co-developed a solution together with Interstate Batteries and recently received the Best RFID Implementation Award 2015 at RFID Journal Live!, is a solution provider focused on providing autonomous inventory visibility to its customers, to give them better data for better decisions. Harley Feldman, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Seeonic, sees participation in SMARTRAC’s VALUE PLUS Partner Program as an important step for his company: "We are honored to be the first partner in SMARTRAC's VALUE PLUS Partner Program. We have found the team at SMARTRAC very responsive to our clients' needs by delivering tags that simply work in very demanding conditions."

MPI is a leader in the RFID industry, and is committed to providing UHF, HF and NFC labels that meet the specific needs of each customer. They produce RFID labels and tags and offer the customization of labels with logos, promotional text or additional information, as well as customer-specific encoding.

“We are excited to be one of the first to join the VALUE PLUS Partner Program”, says Shauna Woolf, General Manager of the RFID division at MPI Label Systems. “SMARTRAC has always offered high-quality, innovative RFID tags, and provides excellent technical support and customer service. MPI has extensive expertise in label face stocks, adhesives, and print/encode. When paired with SMARTRAC’s inlay capabilities, this provides a unique combination that allows us to meet or exceed our customers’ demanding expectations. Joining the VALUE PLUS Partner Program will further enhance our relationship with SMARTRAC and allow MPI to better serve our customers."

VALUE PLUS Partner Northern Apex is a company specializing in automatic identification. Its solutions employ RFID, barcode, RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) and other technologies to effectively address identification-related issues for manufacturing, asset management and supply chain solutions. Yet RFID is of special importance for Northern Apex, according to John Lantz, Director, Business Development and Marketing: “Our innovative solutions are driven by SMARTRAC’s broad RFID tag offering. Their ability to be a consistent and dependable tag provider, matched with Northern Apex’s advanced approach to solving real-world problems, leads to winning solutions. That is why we’re very excited that SMARTRAC has recently granted us its prestigious VALUE PLUS Partner designation.”


The fourth partner is WS Packaging, North America's leading label converter, which provides innovative packaging, shopper promotion and branding initiatives that increase its customers’ shelf impact, brand consistency, shopper engagement and packaging line productivity. According to Michael Manley, Senior Business Development Manager, RFID & NFC at WS Packaging, ”WS Packaging and SMARTRAC have a shared philosophy: while providing a component to an overall system, we take a system-wide view, and we both understand the importance of asking the right questions to provide proper guidance in designing cost-effective, scalable solutions. Given our long-standing collaborative working relationship, the VALUE PLUS Partner program will deepen this collaboration.”


An Instant Success…


For Peter Walendy, SMARTRAC’s Senior Vice President and Head of Segment Industry, the VALUE PLUS Partner program is already a success story. “To consolidate and expand our position as the undisputed RFID leader, we focus on partnering with companies that are best in class. By combining our own and our partners’ forces, we are able to generate more value for all our customers worldwide.”


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