I.T.’s International Co. clothing consortium zips up savings with RFID technology


In retail, it’s not enough to be fashion forward to ring up a winning season of sales. Textile and apparel manufacturers and retailers must also analyze sales data and manage their supply chains efficiently, to ensure that they optimize revenues.


I.T.’s International Co., a consortium of leading Japanese apparel and textile companies including Flandre, Teijin Group and Sumikin Bussan Corp., sought to improve all aspects of supply chain management, including production, distribution and store operations. Could RFID technology provide an instant read on a path to a more productive and efficient future?


I.T.’s International Co. implemented an RFID solution, SPA (Specialty Store Retailer of Private Label Apparel), that is the first large-scale item-level implementation of its kind for the Japanese apparel and textile industries. The system, which has been adopted by all consortium participants throughout their supply chains, is the first RFID deployment to be commissioned by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It is also compliant with the supply chain management guidelines provided by the Ministry and Japan Apparel Industry Association.


The RFID-enabled system has delivered significant cost savings, which have been passed on to retail consumers. At the store level, the system enables:

  • Automated receiving of all goods, decreasing the time required to process new shipments
  • Streamlined inventory management, substantially reducing the time required to process stock
  • The ability to share inventory data quickly and easily among stores
  • Instant access to item availability, including colors and sizes, driving sales of merchandise
  • Faster checkouts, as all goods can be scanned simultaneously

Even better, RFID technology provides I.T.’s International Co., with a wealth of customer, retail and operational data the group can use to fine-tune its business and product development strategies. Trend spotters agree: Japan’s apparel and textile groups have suited up for long-term growth.