Carnaval de México’s approach to streamlining inventory management with RFID shows a true eye for the cutting-edge.


Carnaval de México, the country’s leading designer of textiles and children’s fashion, is the sole licensed distributor of children’s fashion for global brands such as Disney and Hello Kitty.


Carnaval sought to improve critical inventory processes, reducing human error from its pick and pack operations, while accelerating the speed of merchandise processing.



  • The RFID solution uses ShortDipole™ RFID tags equipped with Impinj's Monza™ 3 tag chips and Digilogics’ system, comprised of inventory management software, an RFID-enabled auditing station and fixed and handheld RFID readers and antennas from Impinj.
  • Garments are individually tagged and placed in boxes or on hangers; grouped merchandise is associated with a master RFID-tagged label.
  • After arriving at Carnaval’s distribution center, items are read five times during processing, ensuring that merchandise is accurately and swiftly packed for customer orders, while also automating the reconciliation of inbound and outbound goods.



  • More than one million garments are tagged annually, making the RFID deployment one of the largest in the Americas.
  • The solution is 100 percent audited, providing Carnaval with flawless data it can use to conduct perpetual inventory and optimize production processes.
  • In the subsequent phase of the project, Carnaval will integrate RFID data into its ERP systems, using new insights to fine-tune all aspects of its manufacturing and distribution operations.
  • The company also plans to help its retailers implement interactive RFID-enabled sales solutions to reduce out-of-stocks, enhance product security.