SMARTRAC - RRD Partnership

RR Donnelley and SMARTRAC: Creating the Future Together

When SMARTRAC and RR Donnelley (RRD), a leading provider of multichannel solutions for marketing and business communication, and innovator in printed electronics, announced their cooperation in May 2016, they set ambitious, long-term targets. Just one year later, SMARTRAC‘s customers can reap the first fruits.


Gaining Insights into Temperature-controlled Supply Chains

Though some common goals regarding printed electronics and RAIN RFID-based smart packaging will obviously take more time to realize, synergy is already becoming apparent. Complementing its temperature-sensing Temperature DogBone inlay, which is focused on cold-chain management, grocery or agricultural applications, SMARTRAC has assumed the role of a reseller, giving its customers access to RR Donnelley’s disruptive new CustomSenseTM product line.


The CustomSense Temperature Indicator and Temperature Data Logger from RR Donnelley help provide accurate temperature monitoring within the supply chain for pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biologicals, blood bags, and other temperature-sensitive products. CustomSense products monitor environmental conditions to increase cold-chain awareness, from manufacturing and distribution to storage.


Additionally, the Temperature Data Logger is able to record temperature data for the entire shipment, allowing users to retrieve, store and share that data to gain value-added insights into the supply chain. Data retrieval options for the Temperature Data Logger currently include a proprietary RRD communications solution called LaserLink that communicates via LEDs on the device with any smartphone (Android or IOS) camera. RRD also has Bluetooth LE, NFC and RAIN RFID (UHF) options on its product roadmap.


“Our CustomSense solutions take the guesswork out of critical decision-making by providing the comprehensive data insights an organization needs to monitor products across all stages of the supply chain,” says Brad Hull, Vice President, Printed Electronics, RRD.


Combining Hardware and Solutions Development Skills

Within their cooperation, RR Donnelley leverages its unique printed electronics capabilities, including customized antenna design and printing. It also brings its leadership in the labels and packaging markets, as well as multi-channel marketing services solutions. SMARTRAC contributes its extensive chip attach capacity, plus the data collection and processing capabilities of its IoT solutions enablement platform Smart Cosmos.


One Inlay, Two Components, Many Use Cases

Upcoming jointly developed RAIN RFID inlays will feature a printed antenna component that does not need to adhere to the IC/Smart Loop component. Instead, proximity of the two components is sufficient to “activate” the inlay. This method expands upon current use cases and creates new opportunities for value-added products and services. For example, it offers brand owners a means to simplify their RFID compliance needs by making all product tags, labels and packaging RFID-ready, and then enabling them on an as-needed basis. Additional use cases include inventory management, asset tracking, authentication, retail theft prevention, consumer engagement and others. There is a lot to look forward to from our collaboration in the future.


A Glimpse of What’s to Come

“Reselling RR Donnelley’s Custom Sense products is just a foretaste of what can be expected from a very promising strategic cooperation. This particularly applies to the areas of printed electronics and IoT innovations in smart labeling and packaging, where both partners contribute their specific strengths, and where our common printed antenna and loop concept will excel”, says Ted Danhauser, Vice President Sales Americas at SMARTRAC.


“We look forward to our continued collaboration with SMARTRAC to deliver value-added, innovative solutions that help our customers solve their most complex challenges,” added Hull.


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