Temperature Level Sensing Inlay

Smartrac’s first state-of-the-art SENSOR TEMPERATURE DOGBONE™ brings new temperature detection features to the company’s product range of passive sensor inlays and tags. It is designed to measure temperature conditions, e.g. in cold chain management, and to detect crucial temperature settings in many other demanding environments.


The Smartrac SENSOR TEMPERATURE DOGBONE is a passive UHF inlay equipped with Axzon Magnus®S3. This RFID sensor inlay offers great performance, and accurately detects and measures temperature and optionally moisture levels in the surrounding environment. The temperature sensing range is available as single-point-calibration or two-point-calibration according to customer preferences for measurement accuracy. It provides accurate read results as determined by the customer’s selected calibration needs. Additionally, the IC offers the option to read the sensor code and on-chip RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) value to detect how much power the IC is receiving from the reader.


The sensing information is digitized and wirelessly communicated to off-the-shelf readers, and operates with specially developed software for temperature sensing.


The innovative SENSOR TEMPERATURE DOGBONE is a passive UHF single-chip sensor inlay solution that offers cost-efficiency and ease of implementation.


SENSOR TEMPERATURE DOGBONE is available as a wet inlay, and can be delivered with TID list and sensor code values for increased accuracy and complementary data analysis, in conjunction with SMART COSMOS, the company’s Internet of Things platform.


Operating Frequency

860 - 960 MHz

Integrated Circuit (IC)

Axzon Magnus®S3

Antenna Size

89 x 24 mm (3.5 x 0.9 in)

Die-cut Size

97 x 27 mm (3.82 x 1.06 in)

International Standards

  • EPC Class 1 Gen 2.0.0
  • ISO 18000-6C

Fields of Applications

  • Cold chain management
  • Diverse temperature sensing environments