COIL & CHIP for Ear Tags

Smart Choice for Livestock Identification

In compliance with government regulations and intemational ISO standards 11784/11785, the Smartrac Coil & Chip product range is a convenient and cost effective solution for livestock identification.

Smartrac Coil & Chip products for ear tags employ both full duplex (FDX) and half-duplex (HDX) technologies optimized for electronic livestock identification. The products guarantee excellent reliability and electrical performance.

Smartrac Coil & Chip products help minimize potential risks for the livestock industry by

  • Controlling the spread of diseases (e.g. foot & mouth, BSE)
  • Optimizing farm management and enabling easy and efficient solutions for cattle-breeding
  • Guaranteeing traceability of animal and meat export / import

Smartrac Coil & Chip products are available in different diameters and with various integrated circuits (FDX or HDX), depending on the animal involved in the process of electronic identification.

This provides customers with a flexible choice to achieve the best results according to their requirements. Due to their robustness, Smartrac Coil & Chip products easily withstand the strains related to the production of the finished ear tags. Cost effective, efficient and reliable, Smartrac Coil & Chip products are definitely the smartest choice for animal identification today.



Operating Frequency

Customized to support 134.2 kHz for final product

Operating Temperature

-25°C to +85°C

Transponder Baud Rates

f(RF)/64, f(RF)/32, f(RF)/16, f(RF)/8

Transponder Coding Types



Programming on customer demand
Packaging on customer demand
Complete eartags on customer request/design only

International Standards



  • Convenient and cost effective solution
  • Best size/performance ratio
  • Excellent reliability
  • Compliant with government regulations
  • Available in several sizes