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“Empowering the Ecosystem of Connected Things”

SMART COSMOS from SMARTRAC – the easy way to connect the physical world to the digital world – bringing the “Internet of Things” to life. Explained in 3 minutes:

Three trillion products are sold annually but the vast majority of those “simple things“ are unconnected. There’s significant value that can be created by connecting the unconnected. The following examples outline big global opportunities that can be addressed:

  1. Connecting brand products could help to reduce counterfeiting and piracy damages which will reach $1.7 trillion annually by 2015.
  2. Linking food packaging to supply chain systems and consumers mobile devices can help to reduce the current food waste valued at $750 billion annually.
  3. Exposing product attached data to a community of 430,000 mobile app developers and 2.2 million apps is going to lead to a new era of innovation and value creation. What’s missing right now to exploit “connected simple things” opportunities is a universal “toolbox” that can be used by a broad array of ecosystem players to link RFID tagged items to the digital world in a way that is simple, fast and cost-efficient.




SMARTRAC is the leading RFID company that makes a broad variety of physical objects smart to enable businesses to identify, authenticate, track and complement their products with digital and web-based services. We are “Empowering the Ecosystem of Connected Things” and SMART COSMOS is our portfolio of tightly integrated cloud-based services that enable system integrators, IT departments and software engineers to rapidly innovate new solutions that connect physical objects to the digital world. The focus of SMART COSMOS is on building generic platform services that enable ecosystem key players and to avoid specific point solutions addressing very specific needs only.


The key benefits and features of SMART COSMOS


SMART COSMOS enables key ecosystem stakeholders to connect physical objects to the digital world by linking cloud based tag credentials to the description of belongings or company assets. System integrators & software developers can easily create new applications for authentication, identification & tracking of goods. Marketers can create unique and truly personalized customer experiences by better connecting offline brand items to the online world of consumers along the customer journey from promotion to repurchasing and along the product journey from production to recycling.


For big data opportunities SMART COSMOS comprehends the currently largest ID repository with more than 1.7 B new object IDs per year. And as it is open to other RFID companies & market partners after a security certification procedure there’s even room for more data to be aggregated and monetized.


SMART COSMOS also supports the verification of intellectual property (IP) rights to minimize the financial impact risk from third party right holders while at the same time supporting the enforcement of SMARTRAC’s IP rights.


For system integrators, IT departments and software developers there a big benefits in speed and cost: Without SMART COSMOS, software engineers would have to spend 80% of their time building out costly, but critical, infrastructure before they could actually innovate in their specific vertical market. In a world with SMART COSMOS, software engineers can spend 80% of their time innovating. SMART COSMOS platform services take care of the complex work necessary to build RFID-centric powered solutions in any vertical market.

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