NP Collection is using RFID’s powerful capabilities to enable development of intelligent stores.


NP Collection is a Finnish apparel company. The company is in the process of opening its own chain of stores and expanding its global purchasing network.


NP Collection set out to

  • be an innovator, looking to break the next trend and using technology to its full advantage
  • make shopping a truly interactive experience
  • help customers enjoy shopping more
  • lead business processes in a more intelligent way




  • RFID-tags are attached to NP Collection goods during the manufacturing process.
  • Data from the RFID tags is read at several points en route to the central warehouse. Intelligent dressing rooms have been installed in stores in Hollola, Finland, and St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Shoppers can use wall-mounted touch screens to browse product information, view suggestions for matching clothing items and accessories, and request RFID-tagged merchandise to be brought directly to their intelligent changing rooms.


  • The capacity to follow goods streams in real time provides substantial cost reductions in logistics and manufacturing.
  • RFID solution offers the opportunity to drive store revenues by providing shoppers with the opportunity to consider a wider range of items that might intrest them.
  • The richly detailed information can be exploited, for example, to plan shelf-use in advance.
  • RFID-enabled intelligent stores turn shopping into a truly interactive experience