The Ultimate “Stop Fakes” Starter Kit Instruction Page

Here’s a step by step guide how to create your own brand product authentication live demonstrator:


  • NFC enabled Android Device
  • Preprogrammed NFC tags from SMARTRAC’s Ultimate “Stop Fakes” starter kit. If you don't have a Starter Kit, yet, please use our contact form and mention “starter kit” in the request field to ask for set of specially encoded NFC tags.


Part A – Install the demo app to verify an authentic product

  1. Install the Profiles app (Open Google Play Store and search for "smart cosmos profiles" or open

  2. Start the Profiles app and press “Continue” at bottom of screen

  3. Open settings dialog (three dot menu in the action bar)

  4. Enter Profiles Server:

  5. Enter Profiles User:

  6. Enter Profiles Password: 1LXFLCUVb9%1

  7. Click on "Test Connection", and an OK message confirms that the connection was successful.

  8. Click “OK” button. The following screen appears:

  9. Now tap an NFC tag from the starter kit to verify that the Profiles Product Authentication works as expected:

  10. Encode NFC tags with a URL. We recommend the "NFC TagWriter by NXP" from Google Play Store. With this app you can encode a URL like "", which is shown in the smartphone browser if you tap the NFC tag without any open app.

Part B – Program a web link to a product page that opens when the authentication app is not active

  1. Install the Android app "NFC TagWriter by NXP" from Google Play Store

  2. Open the app and click on "Write tags"

  3. Select "New dataset"

  4. Select "Link"

  5. Enter the Web URL

  6. Select options (protection, multiple tags, ...)

7. Click "WRITE" and follow the write instructions provided by the app.

8. After successful encoding, close the app and tap the NFC tag. Your browser should open the encoded URL now.

If you would like to integrate the authentication feature into your brand’s app please use the SMART COSMOS SDK Java for Android: