“CIO of the year”  contest

Striving to Be the Best

06 December 2018


Acting in an innovative and highly demanding environment, a company like Smartrac Technology Group routinely faces competition: the competition for public interest and reputation, the competition for the best skills and ideas, the competition for honors and awards and – most important – the competition for customers, orders and contracts.


Despite all of that, we at Smartrac still take every part of it seriously and are really pleased by each success. That is why everyone at Smartrac wholeheartedly congratulates our Senior Vice President of IT, Robert Burkhardt, for winning the very respectable third place in a nationwide contest for “CIO of the year” in Germany. (Robert is officially an employee of Smartrac’s German subsidiary and has his office in Stuttgart, Germany).


The Smartrac IT team (extract) from left to right: Manuela Parys-Buck, Nuno Martins, Sonja Dingels, Klaus Matthaei, Jean Sena, Sandeep Kumar, Robert Burkhardt, Sidnei Moreira


The contest was co-organized by the highly regarded IT journals “Computerwoche” and “CIO”, which recently published his profile as one of the winners. In that profile, Robert describes the challenges he and his team were facing in their quest to provide the most advanced IT infrastructure in the RFID industry by 2020. To achieve that ambitious goal, Smartrac’s IT division relied on a holistic strategic concept with four core elements: 100% Cloud, Realtime Company, High Efficiency, and Digital Value Creation.


As part of this, in May 2017 Robert embarked on a transformation to rapidly migrate numerous existing applications to cloud-based platforms like Azure and AWS or replace them with cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Office 365. In addition, new technologies were tested in everyday life, such as telephony via Skype for Business, a new WAN infrastructure, and a novel employee self-service menu of useful IT applications. On top of that, a Digital Workplace was introduced allowing every employee to work independently of location, time and terminal device.



Computerwoche quotes Robert Burkhardt as saying: "The faster the change cycles are, the greater the benefits for users have to be." Well said, Robert, and congratulations on the success! We at Smartrac will take it as an incentive to try even harder in all the competitions ahead, because, as a company, we are driven by competitive spirit – for the benefit of our customers, who rightfully expect the best products and solutions.