Sustainability for the Future

Why Do We Care About Sustainability?

Sustainability meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (as defined by the UN Commission).


Acting sustainably is a key aspect of acting successfully, in many ways. At Smartrac, we thrive on the sustained success of our customers – it is a prerequisite for everything we do. Hence, we recognize their need for sustainability and act accordingly.

First, It’s for Our Planet. And First, It’s for Our Customers

Our commitment to the environment started many years ago, when Smartrac reviewed its manufacturing processes. We were not only trying to improve efficiency and quality to optimize our potential, but also looking for ways to minimize our ecological impact.


Consequently, we obtained ISO 14001 certification for our facilities in Fletcher, USA; Guangzhou, China; Kulim, Malaysia; and Reichshof-Wehnrath, Germany. The ISO 14000 family provides practical tools for companies and organizations seeking to identify and control their environmental impact.


We also recognized that a growing number of customers value environmentally friendly RFID products and are very keen to use them, partly driven by the ever-growing deployment of transponders in ever broader areas of application. Our Green Tag Program, released early in 2019, features RFID products that live up to their sustainability promise even under strict Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) scrutiny. This program responds to that customer demand without compromising product quality or performance.


Our innovative RFID products like the WEB Green and EAGLE Green inlays allow businesses to benefit from plastic-free, recyclable products that use fewer materials and help to achieve a significant carbon footprint reduction.

No Man is an Island. No Company Either.

Many companies act out of self-interest, yet, recognize that it is wise not to lose track of public interest. For us at Smartrac, that means we take responsibility for the impact of our actions on the environment, society and economy, and that we act to maximize the creation of shared value for all our stakeholders while minimizing any possible adverse effects. That is our definition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


We recognize the importance of CSR and integrate social and ecological issues that fall within our sphere of influence into our strategic thinking as a company. And we are very successful in doing so: our “Gold Medal” CSR performance provides assurance to our customers and market partners that they have chosen a partner that takes corporate sustainability seriously.


Smartrac is also an endorser of the UN Global Compact, meaning that we have committed ourselves to actively promoting and respecting the UN’s 10 principles on human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption within our company and in relation to external stakeholders.