Highest Security Level for High-level Immobilizer Systems


The Smartrac TAGCODER-LITE is a cryptographic Read/Write Transponder with a two way authentication that was specially developed for the second generation immobiliser systems.


The advantage of two way authentication over conventional cryptographic transponders is that only a valid interrogation of the transponder can result in the return of the cryptographic reply that is sent back to the vehicle reader.


The first authentication takes place within the transponder; the second authentication is carried out within the transponder unit itself.


Due to this two way authentication method and the 96 bit Secret Key the highest security level available for automotive transponders on the market is reached.


The transponder also contains a 32 bit identification number as well as 186 bits of freely programmable user memory. The user memory consists of 2 lock bits and 184 bits freely programmable memory.


The TAGCODER-LITE transponder works at a 125kHz resonant frequency and is available in a miniature, durable glass rod for easy moulding into ignition key heads.


It is usable across common vehicle platforms and electronics, e.g. TAGCODER-LITE could be used in the valet key without incurring the additional cost of the remote key electronics.



Encrypted Read / Write

Transponder baud rate

4 kBd @ 125 kHz

Transponder Frequency

125 kHz ± 3 kHz

Total Memory

512 bit



Transponder Coding type


Operating Temperature

-40°C to +85°C


Glass 3,15 x 13,3 mm

Encryption Algorithm

(2way authentication) TagCoder Crypt


  • Highest security level
  • Miniature, durable glass rod
  • Easy moulding into ignition key heads