Ultra Low Power 8-bit Microcontroller, Fractional-N RF Transmitter & 3D LF Receiver

The Smartrac TAGMICRO-Tx3D is designed for immobilizer and battery operated remote keyless entry (RKE) and/or passive keyless entry (PKE) / passive keyless start (PKS) applications. The transponder part is protocol and instruction-set compatible with the existing SMARTRAC products and works even without a battery.


The fully differential approach for the 3D LF Receiver supports very high Rx sensitivity and includes smart features such as Transponder antenna sharing and numerous configuration options enabling an optimal application balance between functionality and battery-lifetime. Together with the powerful, ETSI and FCC-compliant, highly configurable fractional-N based UHF-transmitter circuit the single chip solution establishes a bidirectional communication solution for all kinds of passive keyless applications.


Beside the broad flash memory size, the microcontroller offers brownout, power-check & glitch detection functions to ensure reliable operation at under voltage conditions. Each I/O is freely programmable. A trimmed RC oscillator of up to 10MHz frequency allows stable operation without need for external clock generation. Featuring an 8-bit RISC architecture specially designed for very low power consumption, TAGMICRO-Tx3D executes up to 5 MIPS without compromising battery-lifetime.


Operating temperature

-40°C to +85°C


Small package MLF32; 5 x 5mm

LF Frequency Band

125 kHz

Tools & Services

- Easy to use DoC functions, full peripheral integration, C-Compiler
- Windows-based software programs with engineering support


  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Reliable operation
  • Outstanding support