Fully Integrated CMOS Transceiver IC

The Smartrac TAGREADER base station IC is a fully integrated CMOS transceiver IC minimising the influence on reading/writing distances caused by the given tolerances of the primary resonance circuit.
It is intended for use in an automotive immobilizer RFID base station with the following functions:


  • Antenna driving with carrier frequency by internal PLL, or external clock.
  • Integrated PLL system to achieve self adaptive carrier frequency matched to the antenna resonant frequency.
  • 100% AM modulation (OOK) of the fi eld for writable transponders.
  • AM demodulation of the antenna signal modulation induced by the transponder modulation.
  • Two sampling points for demodulation to avoid the “Zero crossing” effect.
  • Communication with the microcontroller via a 3 wire interface.
  • Only a few external components are needed to ensure a very cost efficient and reliable solution for the ever increasing demands of automotive industry.
  • Frequency range of 100 – 150 KHz perfectly matches the Smartrac AUTOMOTIVE transponder portfolio.
  • Self diagnostic features are implemented including optional reading of PLL lock frequency to assist in more reliable transponder communication.


Operating temperature

-40°C to +85°C



Carrier Frequency Range

100 - 150 kHz

Driver antenna bridge

250 mA continuous


  • Integrated PLL System

  • Multiple Transponder Protocol Compatibility

  • Internal and external clock source

  • 2 channel demodulator for Zero crossing effect elimination

  • Simultaneous Send/Receive Mode