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Tap and Play – Global Experience Center

The Future of Gaming at a Glance

Gaming is a serious business: 1.6 billion gamers worldwide are driving a market that is expected to be worth US$102.9 billion per year by 2017, according to Newzoo Research. Mobile gaming is the fastest growing sector of the gaming market, with a yearly growth rate of over 20%.


NFC technology is set to give console and mobile gaming a further boost, as it bridges the gap between video and mobile games and the physical world in an effortless and exciting way. NFC-enabled physical toys can act as active elements in console and smartphone games – you just have to “Tap and Play”.


The gaming industry’s NFC knowledge center

The Tap and Play – Global Experience Center is the world’s first knowledge center dedicated to the use of NFC technology for gaming purposes. Located in Tampere, Finland, it is the ultimate showcase for SMARTRAC and its industry-leading partners such as Cartamundi, the worldwide leader in the production and sale of playing cards, collectable cards and cards for board games; NXP as one of core innovators and founding members for NFC technology; and Twinsprite with their installed NFC toy management platform at the center for hands-on experience. Gaming merchandises with new exclusive gaming levels, figures, powers and features – as of available today!


Focus on support and monetizing models

The center’s frequently changing demos and use cases focus on concrete knowledge and support for NFC and RFID technologies and – probably most importantly – on monetizing models. NFC offers new ways for better retention rates and lower CPIs (Costs Per Installation). Whether you are interested in Edutainment Gaming, Batteryless Interactive Haptic Gaming, Collectable Cards for Gaming Saga or toy authentication and brand protection with NFC, the Tap and Play – Global Experience Center is the knowledge source and demo center that will fulfill your information needs. Additionally, it serves as a hub for visitors from toy brands and game developers, as well as students working on gaming topics.


In a nutshell, the Tap and Play – Global Experience Center is a must-see for anyone who is serious about the future of gaming.

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