The Fanciest and Smartest Phone Case Ever Built

Google products are always likely to cause some hype – as will the “Edition Line” series of hard cases for Google’s Nexus 6 flagship phone and selected other models. With NFC technology provided by SMARTRAC and Cellotape, unique functionalities and “stellar” artwork, there are some good reasons for that hype.


If you thought that phone cases were simple, even dumb objects, Google’s “Edition Line” series of hard cases for some top-of-the-line Android phones will change your mind. In fact, some quite illustrious, independent names were involved in their creation: Sonny Moore, the producer and DJ better known as “Skrillex, Baron of Bangarang,” came up with ideas for the artwork; Cellotape Smart Products contributed to the design and manufacturing of the unique “on-demand” NFC shortcut button; and SMARTRAC provided the best suitable NFC tags. Cellotape is a SMARTRAC partner and a leader in creating products that provide integrated NFC - and RFID capabilities - which allow for two-way communications between devices, frictionless mobile engagement and easy access to the Cloud.


A Creative Collaboration

Google’s Edition Line is therefore the result of a creative collaboration. The series was kicked off in May 2015 by Grammy Award-winning producer Skrillex, who created three unique designs inspired by his lifelong fascination with space.


The Skrillex Live Case connects to your phone to bring you VIP access to Skrillex content and accompanying live wallpaper that extends the case design onto the screen. The live wallpaper updates over the course of the day, and shows stunning images of the Earth shot from the stratosphere. At night, it changes to display constellations visible from your current location.


Each case is individually numbered, and comes with a customizable NFC shortcut button that gives you one-touch access to your favorite stuff. Cases have been designed for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phones. The NFC shortcut button was designed and manufactured in collaboration with Cellotape Smart Products.


CIRCUS NFC Was the Perfect Match


The integrated SMARTRAC CIRCUS NFC tag ensures that the phone knows exactly which case was put on and when, and downloads and installs wallpapers and content that match the case design. To combine the new cases’ innovative approach and stylishness with quality and reliability, SMARTRAC was chosen as supplier of the NFC technology, exclusively supporting the project with its high-performing CIRCUS NFC.


"With a die-cut size of only 22mm and superior readability, our CIRCUS NFC tag matches perfectly the project requirements. We are already very excited about the next, upcoming "Edition Line" projects which we will work out together in the near future," says Corey Wilson, VP Global Business Development & Consumer Experience, Business Division Intelligent Things at SMARTRAC.


The new Edition Line cases are available in limited quantities through the Google Store. Interested parties should Google “Skrillex Live Case”.