Tracking One Million Healthcare Assets in the UAE with Smartrac's DOGBONE™ inlays and tags

Think Big, Choose Smartrac: Tracking One Million Healthcare Assets in the UAE

When OGTech, a systems integration company, planned a comprehensive asset-tracking solution for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Health, quality did count. That’s one reason why Smartrac is the primary tag supplier for one of the Middle East's largest RFID deployments.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Health (MOH) is currently deploying a comprehensive RFID-based asset-tracking solution for its entire inventory of equipment, IT assets and mechanical gear across 147 facilities.


The solution consists of sophisticated software, a combined fixed and handheld reader infrastructure, Zebra printers and, last but not least, one million RFID tags. The majority of these tags are being supplied by Smartrac, which prevailed over strong competition due to superior tag quality and performance – and, of course, the positive experiences of Smartrac’s partner OGTech Technology Solutions during previous projects.


A few years ago, the systems integrator led the deployment of a RAIN RFID-enabled file-tracking system for the Qatar Public Prosecution (QPP) office. Due to their excellent performance in demanding environments and on different materials, Smartrac's DOGBONE™ inlays and tags – equipped with Impinj Monza R6 ICs, in this case – are the most widely used RFID products in the asset-tracking solution, just as they are in OGTech’s file-tracking solution.


Convincing Results Even in the Early Stages


With the asset-tracking solution up and running, hospitals and clinics have reported that they are conducting faster and more frequent audits of their assets, while nurses and healthcare providers can locate the tools they need for patient care, and maintenance personnel can quickly identify any equipment that requires maintenance, cleaning or service.


Equipment in 147 facilities will be tagged with high-quality RAIN RFID labels from Smartrac. Handheld RFID readers and RFID portals at the entrances complete the asset-tracking solution, making the entire inventory visible.


The ministry is applying a phased approach to the deployment, and took the system live at 10 of its largest facilities in the Fall of 2019. The goal is to roll out the technology to all 147 locations by the first quarter of 2020. By then, the existing ATID handheld RAIN RFID readers will be supplemented by RFID portals from Feig Electronic, which will be installed at hospital entrances and exits. Even without that infrastructure upgrade, the Ministry of Health reports that the asset-tracking solution has already made inventory data more reliable.


Extending the Solution to Pharmaceuticals? Smartrac Is Ready!

While the initial project is focused on asset management, future applications from OGTech could also involve tracking medications for example. Many of the medicines used at the facilities are stored in warehouses before being shipped out. By applying an RFID tag to each bottle, vial or package of pharmaceuticals and installing a combination of fixed and handheld readers, the ministry could better understand where drugs are actually stored, when they are due to expire, when they need to be replenished and under what circumstances they get lost.


Fortunately, Smartrac has the appropriate products for that task, too, as demonstrated in one of the world's largest RFID-based drug management systems, where Smartrac’s high quality, reliable and secure RAIN RFID tags guarantee the integrity of its supply chain for one of Korea’s largest pharmaceutical companies, Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co.


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About OGTech


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An affiliate of the acclaimed Osman Group, OGTech is a systems integration company specializing in providing RFID solutions and security systems. The company played a significant role in introducing the latest technology to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.