The ‘Internet of Your Things’

In this edition of our newsletter, Amir Mobayen, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at SMARTRAC, gives some insights into his role and his market perception of the ever-changing RFID and IoT industry.


Chief Revenue Officer is a recent position within SMARTRAC. How do you define your role in the company that has shaped the RFID market for more than 15 years?


SMARTRAC has been leading the RFID industry successfully for many years with a legacy of technology innovation and best-in-class product quality. Moving forward, we’ve set a course that leverages the very best of SMARTRAC’s legacy, and at the same time transforms our portfolio to be even more customer-driven, and our company to foster a high level of agility. Furthermore, we are solidifying existing relationships with customers and market partners while forging new strategic partnerships, moving toward building a dynamic ecosystem that accelerates game-changing RFID- and IoT-based solutions to market.


This transformation requires a deep understanding of customer needs and new market trends, and meeting them with a smart combination of RFID technology innovation; scalable IoT software solutions; and applications for mobile devices. At the end of the day, it’s about delivering value to our customers by enabling a digital identity for any consumer or industrial product. Digitized and connected products will deliver impactful customer experiences and business processes, whilst deriving actionable intelligence from all the new data generated.


I mentioned the need for an agile company—my successes with high-velocity enterprises and start-ups has proven to me that business agility requires instilling the entrepreneurial spirit, and inspiring us to do what it takes to meet and exceed customer expectations.


Hence, as CRO, my role is to help take our transformation forward, while at the same time generating incremental revenues for SMARTRAC and our customers. And because profitable growth is a measure of value, our mission is to drive value throughout the IoT ecosystem.

In what direction is the industry moving and where do you see SMARTRAC’s contribution?


The IoT has tremendously accelerated the growth of RFID markets, and if we consider the IoT landscape, there are greenfield opportunities for our proven portfolio of transponders and sensors. In other words, the convergence of proven RFID capabilities, mobile and Cloud infrastructure, and a rapidly growing number of enterprises that realize the value of digitally-enabled “things” is evolving into an unprecedented stream of new opportunities.


What are SMARTRAC’s key contributions to this stream of opportunities?


First, we will take advantage of economies of scale to accelerate production and mass deployments of our innovative and high-quality RFID products, thereby accelerating volume growth and achieving industry-leading cost efficiency.


Concurrently, we will embed innovative and high-quality RFID transponders into virtually any physical product, and introduce a managed process of giving each product a unique and secure digital identity; seamlessly connecting the product via wireless technologies (RAIN, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.); turning it into a platform for dynamic customer experiences and business processes; managing its associated set of rich IoT data throughout its lifecycle; and learning and deriving insights from this data to facilitate informed decision-making and business intelligence.


This is about bringing to life the “Internet of Your Things” by digitizing products, digitally connecting value chains, enabling end-to-end digital experiences, capturing and managing Your IoT data, and harvesting knowledge throughout. In so doing, we enable our customers and partners to accelerate innovation, create competitive advantage, and grow revenues and profitability.