Smartrac's innovative Multi-Layer Brand Protection solutions

Time to Protect One of Your Most Valuable Assets: Your Brand

All brands are prone to attacks from counterfeiters and other villains and hence need protection. That is the bad news. The good news is that Smartrac's innovative multi-layer brand protection solutions provide comprehensive, scalable and economically feasible protection for virtually any product in any market.


Experts estimate that counterfeit goods account for up to 7% of global trade and drain $ 4.2 trillion from the global economy by 2022. Threats to brands are ubiquitous and as diverse as the world of brands. For more details look at our infographic The True Cost of Counterfeiting.


In response to these challenges, Smartrac has opted for a multi-layer approach to brand protection that involves both the brand’s experts and the consumer. Building on its expertise as a leading manufacturer of world-class RFID transponders, Smartrac’s brand protection solutions provide a suite of innovative and secure offerings to everyday supply chain and brand challenges whilst enabling a unified approach to reporting and analytics.

Protecting Brands with a Blend of State-of-the-art Technologies

With a diverse set of technology options including tamper-evident products, Traceless® markers and Blockchain technology, Smartrac offers a broad range of customized solutions to safeguard virtually any physical product imaginable. The NFC-based secure authentication solution, initially launched in 2017, has recently been complemented with an extensive range of Traceless technologies consisting of various covert materials, proprietary readers and cloud-based brand protection services.

The extended solution offers trust and confidence to today’s customers and consumers, using highly configurable building blocks for product authentication, tamper evidence and grey market diversion detection. It combines fully-customizable RFID inlays and tags, secure ways to authenticate and serialize products, and an IoT platform for product data which is also utilized by Smartrac’s strategic partners Temera or Blue Bite for further turnkey offerings.


On closer examination, Smartrac’s multi-layer brand protection solution include:


Brand Protection Cloud Services


  • Product authentication and value added services
  • Diversion and counterfeit incident detection
  • Inventory and product management
  • Field investigator app
  • Dashboard & analytics with multi-language and multi region support.

NFC-based Authentication


  • NFC tags and inlays in multiple forms factors, usable with most materials, embeddable, and suitable to virtually all product types
  • Scalable security features such as counters and encryption with a one-time-password feature
  • Optional “Tamper Loop” to detect mechanic manipulation
  • Product authentication with any NFC enabled smartphone.

Traceless Technologies


  • Traceless Anti-Diversion System is a covert solution for invisible serialization that includes security inks and a family of proprietary readers for visualizing the invisible printing – whether in the field or on a high-speed production line.
  • Traceless Ultra is a market proven, very high security solution that delivers a simple, robust mechanism for product authentication.
  • Traceless Pro is an authentication solution that is economical to deploy and combines seamlessly with other Traceless technologies to deliver multilayer protection.

QR Codes with Embedded Security Feature


  • A visible authentication solution intended for consumers with optional additional security features such as scratch-off pin numbers and secure digital layers.

Color Shifting Inks


  • A colorful, robust and effective layer of overt authentication to a brand’s products and packaging.

These points may suffice to indicate that brand protection is a complex issue that calls for customer-specific solutions. For more information about our solutions or to learn how Smartrac can develop a brand protection solution that’s right for you, please contact our Sales & Customer Service Team.