Traceless Product Overview


Covert Product Serialization Made Easy


Valued Protection Against Diversion
Grey market diversion is a serious problem facing brand owners in today’s global markets. It involves the unauthorized movement of product through the supply chain and can result in significant business disruptions. Historically, tracking codes have been used to help mitigate grey market diversion, but visible codes are often removed or tampered with. One effective countermeasure to grey market diversion is to use an invisible coding scheme like the one enabled by Smartrac’s TRACELESS ANTI DIVERSION SYSTEM. This innovative family of products can help your brand combat diversion by providing ways to add invisible codes to your products and packaging. The invisible codes are detected using a variety of proprietary devices.

Make Your Mark
The TRACELESS ANTI DIVERSION SYSTEM is composed of two parts - an invisible security ink and a sophisticated visualization device. The security inks are uniquely formulated for optimal performance in their targeted delivery vehicle. For high-volume, highly automated applications, the inks are applied using an end-of-line continuous inkjet printer. For manual operations, the inks can be applied via a pen or self-inking stamp. The mark can be a machine-readable or alphanumeric code that is unique at the item level or batch level, whatever works best for your situation.

The codes are visualized using proprietary viewing devices that allow production staff, quality control analysts, and investigators in the field to view the invisible printing. There are several device options available from a smartphone attachment that turns your mobile phone into a sophisticated viewing device to an in-line, high-speed production vision system for real-time quality monitoring on the production line.


The Whole Package
The security ink, the specialized devices, and the brand protection expertise – Smartrac can deliver the whole package. Our team of brand protection specialists can work with you to design the best solution. TRACELESS ANTI DIVERSION SYSTEM can be customized for your current needs and can evolve as your business evolves. Today you may only need to apply simple product serial numbers or batch-level codes that your field investigator can interrogate to gain insights into grey market channels. Eventually you may want an invisible version of a visible item-level tracking code that’s already on the product. By pairing a visible and an invisible code on the same product item, you achieve a high security anti-diversion system that is easily tied to a serialization and tracking database. No matter where you are starting from, Smartrac can provide a TRACELESS ANTI DIVERSION solution that is right for you, right now. Smartrac’s brand protection experts can take you through the implementation of a complete track and trace solution, based on visible codes, invisible codes, or both, from the ground up – we’re here to help make brand protection easier for you!


Key Benefits

  • Effective countermeasure to grey market diversion
  • Two-part invisible coding system
  • Proprietary components 
  • Multiple delivery mechanisms - automated and manual 
  • Fast and easy to implement
  • Industry-proven technology
  • Flexible solutions tailored to individual customer needs
  • Industry-proven technology

For more information about Smartrac’s TRACELESS® ANTI DIVERSION SYSTEM that’s right for you, please contact our sales & customer service team.