Protect Your Products Against Diversion

The Grey Market Challenge
Grey market product diversion is a serious problem facing brand owners large and small. It involves the unauthorized movement of product through the supply chain and can result in significant business disruptions. One of the most effective countermeasures to grey market diversion is the use of an invisible coding scheme that cannot be easily detected or removed. Smartrac’s TRACELESS Anti-Diversion System can enable such a coding scheme.

Security in the Palm of Your Hand
For brand owners with manual production, packaging, or picking operations, Smartrac offers TRACELESS TO-GO and TRACELESS IMPRESSIONS to provide reliable, invisible security for your brand. These two members of the TRACELESS Anti-Diversion System family of solutions use an invisible security ink technology that cannot be detected under visible or ultra-violet illumination.

These products offer simple, high-security writing and hand-stamping options that can be easily incorporated into existing manual manufacturing and packaging processes. Real-time viewing of the invisible marks can be done using our proprietary readers. They allow you to securely examine your marks at any point in the process – in the warehouse, distribution center or retail setting.


TRACELESS TO-GO is an easy to use pen containing invisible security ink. A kit includes two pens, which are offered in two different tip sizes, depending on your needs. TRACELESS TO-GO is ideal for manual marking situations. When the installation of large, expensive digital printers into your manufacturing or post-production facility is not practical, these pens offer a fast, cost-effective alternative for you to add covert marks to protect your product and your brand.

Flexible Application Techniques
The flexibility of TRACELESS TO-GO allows you many options for protecting your brand:

  • Apply serialized codes to enable tracking through the supply chain and identify sources of diversion.
  • Apply a mark to enable differentiation between authentic and counterfeit products.
  • Apply a mark to business property to identify stolen items and proof of ownership.
  • Apply a mark in a retail setting at the point-of-sale to help identify fraudulent returns.
  • Apply a mark within a production environment to invisibly mark items as they progress through the manufacturing process.

Give It A Try
TRACELESS TO-GO is a robust solution that can help you secure your products and your brand. Global brands in the health & beauty, wine & spirits, and luxury apparel & accessories industries are already protecting their products and their customers with this technology. Why not give it a try?

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective way to protect your products
  • Fast and easy to implement
  • TRACELESS TO-GO comes as a kit with 2 pens
  • There are two tip sizes, fine and extra fine
  • Kits are available with either 2 fine tipped pens, 2 extra fine tipped pens, or one  of each
  • The ink is solvent-based
  • When printed, there is  virtually no color to the ink, so it is “invisible”