Traceless Product Overview


Protect Your Products Against Counterfeiting


Strong Defense Against a Global Problem

The International Chamber of Commerce has estimated that the global economic value of counterfeiting and piracy could reach US$4.2 trillion by 2022. Beyond the economic impact, counterfeit products such as drugs, automobile and aircraft parts, and electronic components pose great risk to consumer health and safety. Additionally, unsuspecting customers associate poor quality of counterfeits with legitimate products, thus hurting brand reputation. In light of this, brand owners need sound measures to protect their companies, brands, and customers. That’s just what the TRACELESS® ULTRA SYSTEM delivers - an efficient, effective means to combat counterfeiting.


A Two-Part Security System

The TRACELESS® ULTRA SYSTEM is a two-part system composed of chemical markers detectable only by our handheld TRACELESS® ULTRA Reader. The markers can be easily integrated into packaging, product labels, or onto the product itself. Implementation of the system has little to no impact on production processes, product design, or any of the characteristics of the host materials the chemical markers are added to – whether that’s inks, varnishes, plastics, or fibers. The markers are used at ultra-low levels yielding a forensically invisible solution with extremely dependable product authentication.


  • Our proprietary reader is precision built for reliability, durability, and accuracy under harsh or extreme conditions.
  • Multiple levels of security are possible - The TRACELESS® ULTRA SYSTEM can be paired with other Smartrac authentication solutions to provide multilayer brand protection.
  • Built-in safeguards prevent reverse engineering.
  • Ideal for fast, easy, non-destructive testing in the field or in the factory.
  • Custom solutions are tailored to individual customer needs.
  • Ultra-low marking levels make the system cost-effective and secure - counterfeiters can´t copy what they can´t find - our solution is truly covert.


Market-Proven Ultra-Covert Protection
From securing your packaging to protecting your company and your customers, Smartrac is ready to meet your brand protection needs. The TRACELESS® ULTRA SYSTEM is already providing protection for hundreds of millions of products in a wide variety of printing and packaging applications, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Premium wine and spirits
  • Fashion apparel and accessories

Its use is rapidly expanding into other industries and applications as well, e.g. automotive and aircraft replacement parts, premium nutrients, food and ingredients packaging, jewelry and watches.


Key Benefits

  • Two-part security system - marker plus reader
  • Fast and easy to implement
  • No impact on current manufacturing processes
  • Multiple security levels
  • Cost effective way to protect your products
  • Industry-proven technology
  • Custom solutions tailored to individual customer needs

For more information about Smartrac’s TRACELESS® ULTRA SYSTEM or to learn how Smartrac can develop a brand protection solution that’s right for you, please contact our sales & customer service team.