Vision & Mission

We want to continuously create highest value for our customers, partners, shareholders, employees, the company, and the end user.


We Lead the World Market for RFID Transponders


Our overall focus is to continuously advance and enhance our market position in key segments of the RFID industry. Due to the company’s strategic position in the value chain, our strong technology portfolio, manufacturing concept and capacity, we have the right prerequisites to further advance our leading market position. SMARTRAC has so far grown both organically and through acquisitions, and we will pursue this path in the future as well.


We are the Leading Innovators in RFID and Drive Technology


As a pacesetter in the global RFID industry, we foster innovation and are continuously improving and enhancing our established product portfolio. Based on a strong and excellent R&D team, we have the capability to permanently evaluate and integrate technical trends and developments worldwide. Once research results make their way to mass production, we apply highest quality standards and technological excellence in the manufacturing of every single transponder to create prime quality products that perfectly fit customers’ needs.


We Create Highest Value for Our Customers and Partners


We support our customers in creating value by providing a strong product offering, by applying our leading technologies and manufacturing processes and through continuous innovation. Our worldwide network is the foundation to serve customers globally, directly and on-site. Reliability, delivery dependability and best customer service at all times combined with excellent products and customized solutions ensure that customer’s expectations are not only met but exceeded. Customers and business partners also enjoy the close relationship, the organization’s flat hierarchies and short communication lines as well as a working environment that is characterized by professionalism and partnership.


We are a Passionate, Highly Committed Team that Takes Responsibility and Ownership


Dedicated and highly motivated employees have been decisive for the success of SMARTRAC. The company employs some of the most skilled experts and has the best team in the RFID industry. Appreciating every single employee regardless of his or her position or function, respecting and encouraging cultural diversity among the company’s staff ensures that customers benefit from a team that is highly motivated, has a can-do mentality and a pragmatic approach to solving their challenges and needs in an excellent and efficient manner.


We Drive RFID to Add Security, Convenience and Simplicity to Everybody’s Everyday Life


Our technology and products from an overall perspective also add value to everybody’s everyday life. We manufacture RFID transponders that offer increased security, more reliability, faster transactions and greater convenience. Providing enabling technologies that are invisibly used in numerous applications from event tickets, public transportation cards to car keys and credit cards, our products simplify numerous processes in everyday life.


We are the RFID Technology Partner of Choice

Our aim is to grow business together with our business partners, supporting them with best in class technology, innovative products, premium service and additional features, which bring value to our customers. SMARTRAC already provides a number of additional services such as post fabrication wafer processing and will continue to broaden its range of additional features to enable our business partners to spread the use of RFID technology into new application fields. It is our firm intention to continue the fair, cooperative, and trusted collaboration with customers and business partners around the world.