RFID helps major Chinese fashion brand Jossy Jo identify a new approach to production that’s the real deal.


Like many high-end fashion brands, Jossy Jo oversees a complex production and distribution supply chain that includes manufacturing facilities, franchisees, distributors and other business partners. As such, it can be challenging to pinpoint the source of logistical or quality problems when they occur, costing the company lost revenue from product distribution delays.


Jossy Jo decided to leverage RFID’s ability to provide real-time insights at the item level to improve multiple areas of its production operations: from streamlining distribution, to reducing and solving quality defects, to simplifying seasonal sales and authenticating merchandise.


Jawasoft China and SMARTRAC teamed to deploy a large-scale, item-level RFID solution that uses more than two million ShortDipole™ tags annually to bring a new level of transparency to Jossy Jo’s operations. The RFID solution is integrated into production planning, and tags are applied to individual apparel items at each manufacturing facility.


  • Increased logistics efficiency by 40%
  • Enhanced quality control, with the ability to identify and solve errors rapidly and easily
  • Improved cooperation with distributors and agents
  • Simplified seasonal sales markdowns, as modified sales price is encoded in tags
  • The ability to eliminate product forgery, which previously cost the company three percent of its annual sales

Fashion trend spotters take note: RFID’s high-tech approach to production is delivering the goods.